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Stories of courage and experiment

Contemporary Architects Association in line with its vision holds an event focused on encouraging the power of experimentation in architectural design.

This is a non-competitive architectural award that praises creativity, experimentation, and research, unhindered by the pursuit of perfection.

In this journey, research, having the courage to take action, and embracing the hands-on approach without fear of making mistakes in both built and ready-to-build projects are the core values of the Red Festival.

Explanation: Ready-to-build projects are projects that, when all the necessary prerequisites are in place, including financial budget, have the potential to be constructed. This challenge, parallel with real conditions, should be supported by documents such as analytical drawings, details, and research models, in the parts of the project that have deviated from the conventional for the purpose of experimentation. Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of two built projects and one ready-to-build project.

About Works

The Red Festival is specifically for projects that have been created from 2016 until today.

within territories related to Iran and Persian-language countries.


| From Building block To
Spatial Object |


Architects and professional offices
Architects and young offices
Architecture students
Industry designers
Interior designers
Object designers
Any individual with a passion for design and experimentation

There are no age limitations for participants,

and registration with the assistance of our sponsors is free of charge.


The Red Festival focuses on prioritizing thought-provoking content in projects

The aim is to avoid categorizing projects based on their scale or function and instead, emphasize the evaluation criteria that value innovation and experimentation.

Organization and spatial Possibilities
Tectonic and materiality
program and community
Explanation: Based on the number of received projects, built, and ready-to-build projects will be divided into the above-mentioned categories or analyzed collectively.

Organization and spatial Possibilities

How has the understanding and changing of spatial diagrams led to the development of architectural projects, the creation of new potentials, or a new interpretation of an old problem?

tectonic and materiality

Tectonic is known as the art of building, which involves the consideration and exploration of materials and construction techniques. To what extent can tectonic methods enrich the language of architecture or achieve a new architectural vocabulary?

Program and Community

How can a project achieve the capacity to create new architectural events that incorporate social layers by elevating conventional and common programs to a higher level, while responding to the demands of the community?

Evaluate work

Red is a non-competitive event, where no winner will be announced. Instead, it will serve as a platform for celebrating 20 endeavors in the realm of courage and experiment.

Evaluation criteria

  • Rising from Close Observation
  • Advancing and Broadening Horizons
  • Being relevant

Evaluation process

First stage: Quantitative examination of works

Quantitative examination of cases such as document deficiencies, non-compliance with intellectual property rights, or failure to meet the condition of the number of submitted projects per participant. Also, a preliminary content analysis, including deviation from the red scale or lack of conditional readiness for construction.

Second stage: Selection of works

The projects that have been received and are currently under review will be evaluated by a panel of architects based outside of Iran. Up to 15 projects will be selected for the built project section, and up to 5 projects will be selected for the ready-to-build section.

Third Stage: Presentation of Select Projects and analysis

The select projects will be presented by their designers in front of an audience and a panel of jury members. Each presentation will be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. Following the presentations, The jurors will utilize a diagram to assist in their analytical and verbal discussions to gain a comprehensive understanding and accurate Observation of the hidden potentials of each project.

Projects Exhibition

The projects of the select participants will be showcased during the presentation days, and following days, allowing specialists and industry activists to visit and explore them.


Analysts of
the projects

mohammad majidi
hooman talebi
Azadeh Shahcheraghi
reza daneshmir
Mina Moeineddini
Pouya Khazaeli
Alireza Taghaboni
Amir Hossein Ashari
Yaser Mousapour
Atefeh Karbasi
Mohamadreza Ghodousi
Kamran Afshar Naderi
sepideh elmi

For work

  • Screening of works and visits by the audience at the final exhibition.
  • Publication of works in the Red book.
  • Exhibition of future selected works at upcoming Red events
  • Red certification and trophy for 20 selected works.


Red event

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yellow supporters
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What is the timeline of Red?

Early registration starts from 9 Oct 2023, and late registration is until 21 Nov 2023.

Who is eligible to participate in Red?

Architects, interdisciplinary artists, and architectural offices and studios that have constructed and ready-to-build projects in building scale or smaller, such as objects and installations.

What projects are eligible to participate in Red?

Constructed and ready-to-build projects in building scale or smaller, such as objects and installations, created after 2016.

Who is eligible to submit a project in order to participate in Red?

The principal architect or any members of the project team can submit a project to participate in Red with the consent of the principal architect, considering the copyrights and the trust of other participants.

How is the layout of the content of the sheet?

The mentioned documents should be consolidated into a single 300x70 sheet (300 dpi) and all information provided in writing must be in English. which includes all the necessary information by separating the question / journey / Result.

What are the limitations of numbers of projects that can be submitted to Red?

Each participant is allowed to send a maximum of two Constructed projects and one ready-to-build project. But for each project, the registration process must be followed separately.

Is it possible to participate in Red from outside of Iran?

There is a possibility of participation in Red from countries that have similarities in geography, culture, history, art, and economy with Iran, and Persian-speaking communities.

Will architectural offices take any additional advantages during the evaluation process?

Regardless of the number of team members and participants, the evaluation criteria for projects will be based on observation, relevance, innovation, and overall experiential quality of the project.

Is participating in Red age restricted?

There is no age restriction for participating in Red.

Is project construction, a necessity for participating in Red?

Project construction or readiness for execution is a necessary condition for participating in Red.

How can one participate in Red?

the principal architect can submit the works By registering project information on the Red website and uploading the necessary documents according to the guidelines provided on the website.

How much does participating in Red cost?

The cost of attending Red is free with the financial support of sponsors

How is the process of evaluation and selection of winners in Red?

After reviewing the submitted projects by the jury, 5 ready-to-build projects and 15 constructed projects will be selected based on evaluation criteria and handed over to the analysis panel for further assessment and review.

Are the selected projects chosen by the analysis or the selectors?

Up to the 20 selected projects from the participating works will be the responsibility of the selectors.

Is it mandatory to attend Red event, if the project is shortlisted?

The person who has registered the project for participation in the competition must attend the final event as the representative of the project

Is it necessary to participate in Red anonymously?

It is necessary to confirm the identity of the participants at the registration process. But Including the name in the submitted sheets will result in the removal of the project from the Red process.